Wedding photography is fun and it provides opportunity to meet people from different background, places, and cultures. For every dream job, there’s a long road of hard work and lots of obstacles and for women hoping to make it in a male-dominated world the work can often be harder.

The photography industry like many others is historically male-dominated but cheers to talent and determination of new generation female photographers, it’s beginning to change. Let’s get to know more about their jobs and the challenges faced by a women photographer.

1. The patriarchal dominance and institutional power structures in the industry reinforced by the language and imagery aimed at women while targeting male photographers having more technical knowledge and greater ability. Despite this not all women were discouraged from picking up their first camera.

2. Even though there are many talented women photographers still usually men get more recognition. Photography is not the easiest of careers but when you are passionate about something it will sustain through the lows, and let the success makes the noise.

3. Apart from gender stereotyping, personal safety is the bigger challenge for a woman photographer. Therefore it is important to be aware of the environment and get familiar with places.

4. Dealing with people who’ve assumed that women are less capable than a man, or should be paid less or they can be easily taken advantage of or will accept a lesser deal.

5. Facing distrust that comes from some clients. Not trusting the women photographer as the professional one can be disheartening and a challenge mostly women face. Not trusting their judgment on lighting, location can often be frustrating.
Surely women photographer faces a lot of challenges but they enjoy some advantages too-
1. One of the advantages that being a women photographer is people easily connect with them less threatening or intimidating. Being a woman often allows people to trust them quickly and allows them access to places that sometimes might be a bit harder for men.

2. Provide opportunities to travel and enjoy an impressive landscape, connect with new people and get to know about different cultures.

3. Living their passion and delivering photographs as a memory to people in years to come. Whether it is a wedding day or other ceremonies capturing those moments and treasuring the photos as memories for generations to come.

At the end, follow your heart struggle is a part of success and in field of photography where patriarchal dominance is reinforced and you not only have to look internally at the working environment but also how that filters throughout the world, and throughout the representation of our community we all can imagine how complicated it is but if it’s your passion, go after it! It’s not easy but nothing worth doing is.

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