Terms and Conditions



Cancellation, Reschedule, and Refund Policy:

I. In the circumstance of cancellation of:
A. All the events for any reason, including acts of God, strikes, riots, pandemics(like Covid-19),
or other unforeseen circumstances, 50% of the amount taken as a booking amount shall not
be refundable.
B. In case of cancellation of any particular event thereby causing to abrogate the services
agreed upon for the same, the Client would have to pay the final amount as acceded and mentioned in the Service Agreement as per agreed upon as per the payment & terms, however, terms could be revised on mutual agreement (refer to point 6. Payment & Terms) of deferment of specific event/all the events,
the client shall be liable to pay the entire amount agreed upon as per the payment & terms, however, terms could be revised on mutual agreement (refer to point 6. Payment & Terms). the amount paid already would be adjusted in the future services dispensed on the rescheduled date of the event/events; the quotation will be valid for the next 1 year from the date of the 1st event
In the scenario where the quotation expires, a revised quotation will be shared and the amount paid already would be adjusted
the client agrees to notify the contractor at least 2 months in advance of the new date of 1st event and the contractor agrees to ensure the delivery of services
In the scenario, the client notifies the contractor about the new dates in less than 2 months from the new dates, the contract’s team would be subject to availability and in case, the client services cannot be delivered then, the booking amount would be non-refundable.
III. Also, in a scenario where the Client disagrees to take any of the deliverables (refer to quotation), no refund or adjustments would be made in that regard




I. If the Contractor for some unavoidable circumstances including equipment failure, hard drive failure, memory card failure, theft, accident, illness, or any casualty cannot provide the services outlined in this service agreement, then the contractor agrees to refund any fees paid by the client and shall have no further liability.
II. The limitation of the liability shall also be applied in case of loss or damage of the photographs/videos without any intentional mistake on the part of the contractor.
III. It is agreed by the client that the refund would terminate any further liability and the maximum liability could not be greater than any fees paid by the client.
IV. The Client acknowledges that after the refund, the client would be prohibited from posting any negative comment on digital platforms which can tarnish the goodwill and reputation of the Contractor.
V. It is pertinent to mention here that all the necessary steps are taken to ensure the proper functioning of equipment and to have a backup in the situation of equipment failure.
VI. In-state of affairs where no images/films could be delivered due to any situation mentioned, a full refund of the total service agreement value would be made to the client, and where only partial shoot has been covered and the delivery is made only for that coverage, the Contractor would give a partial refund to the client proportionate to the Services dispensed.



If the wedding is happening at temple / home with gathering of 20 people then will be sharing a revised quotation with revised deliverables as per the situation
Apart from that if the wedding is happening anywhere irrespective of any gathering size (be it 20, 100 or 150 or ever 800) the costing shall remain the same.


General Provisions

I. The client needs to adhere to the basic norms of safety, security, and hygiene at all times and the laid-out official norms if any in an event of any public health or social emergency.
II. The Contractor can leave the premises and terminate the service agreement reserving the right to retain the fees paid by the client in case of any violence, hostility, threat displayed by anyone at the Event and in an event where the safety of the contractor could be compromised.
III. The Contractor would diligently render the services of clicking and shooting all the guests, however in a situation where there is no cooperation given by the guest for the same, the contractor would not be held liable for anything at the time of delivery.
IV. In case of any Marital dispute, the Contractor would not refund any fees paid by the client.
V. The contractor will delete all the raw data from their database after 2 years of the wedding.
VI. There would be one point of contact from the Clients’ side for interface regarding the requisite instructions to be given to the Contractor. The contractor would not be answerable to any random guests/family/friends etc in any manner.
VII. In the case of Natural Calamity like Rain, the contractor would stop clicking pictures/Video Creation as it would hamper the functioning of equipment and can damage it.
VIII. The number of Pictures or the length of the Video mentioned is an estimated average and the same can be more/less as per the nature of the event.
IX. The quotation given for the service agreement would be valid for a term of one year and would be subject to change after that as per the market value.
X. The client needs to ensure the timing given to the Contractor is precise or can be half an hour prior to the onset of events except the wedding.
XI. The Contractor would cover the Wedding Ceremony by getting ready shots of Bride/Groom or both (as per the services availed) and it would be extended till Vidai. The consented timing of the Vidai would be till 6 am and at max can be extended till 7 am beyond which charges for the next working day would be applicable.


Jurisdiction and Dispute Resolution

All the differences arising between the parties in terms of this Agreement would be settled by way of arbitration in accordance with the rules of arbitration as laid down under Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1956 and by appointment of a sole arbitrator by the contractor and in case of any legal dispute the jurisdiction would lie at Delhi.

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