Traditional Vs candid wedding photography

Wedding is special for every individual as it is an event to cherish for a lifetime. Wedding photography is the ideal way to capture every moment during the event. In wedding photography, the couple’s wonderful moments are captured which they can cherish forever. Nowadays, candid photography is trending everywhere and has transformed the traditional photography.

However, there are still some people who love traditional photography over candid wedding photography. Though both the wedding photography are significant, people choose the kind of photography they need at their wedding to make it a memorable one.

Candid photography is spontaneous

Candid photos are always spontaneous as it took when you are not aware that you are getting clicked. The candid pictures bring a sense of realism since it is natural, and no one is posing for it. The photographer moves around the venue to take photos of the couple as well as the guests around. The wedding rituals and everything associated with the ceremony is captured by the photographer beautifully. Due to the spontaneity, it becomes more popular in wedding ceremonies.

Traditional wedding photography is a formal approach

Traditional photography is different from candid photography, as it has a formal approach to photography. People are aware that they are getting clicked and they pose according to that. The photographer creates a comfortable space for you so that you can strike a perfect pose. People also dress up beautifully as they know that they are going to be clicked. The perfect lighting, setup, and angle make the picture beautiful.

How both are different?

In Traditional wedding photography, the events are captured by the photographer as it supposed to be. People strike a pose, nicely dressed up and aware that they are getting clicked. On the other hand, in candid photography, the natural reaction of an individual is clicked beautifully. It is like the emotion; the depth of the moment is captured in a photograph.

Photographs are taken to make memories and capture for the lifetime. Whether you take a candid photo or a normal photo, the moment is preserved forever. The traditional photographer captures a photo in different innovative angles to make the photograph more beautiful. The setup is perfect during a traditional photograph to make the picture a visual treat.

In candid photography, the emotions of an individual are captured perfectly, whereas, in traditional photography, the picture itself is perfect due to the setup. Both are significant for wedding photography to capture memories.

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